Lá Gai Làm Bánh Ít

Asa popular Binch Dinc saying goes"If you wish to lớn eat banh it la gai, marry a Binch Dinc man to lớn increase your life expectancy".

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Binch Dinch is the lvà of Banh It La Gai, which is made from the five main ingredients: glutinous rice flour, sợi leaf, sugar, mung bean & banamãng cầu leaf.Banh It La Gai has the sweet taste of sugar, the aroma of sweet rice, the spice of ginger, the starchof mung bean,bitter taste of sợi leaf và the grassy perfume of banamãng cầu leaf. All of these ingredients bring out a refreshing flavor and a distinctive glossy deep black color that gives the cake its quality color.

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The name Banh It La Gai indicates the two common features of the cake: “ít” means “little” referring to the form size of a serving for it only takesa couplebites khổng lồ finish off a cake, & “lá gai” refers to the pointy serrationof the leaf commonly found abundantly in the tropics of Vietphái mạnh, but can easily be grown in the warmth of the California sun as well. I"ve always been fascinated by how banh it la gaigets its màu đen as I hadnever seenit my entire life untiil recently. Sometimes in March this year, I was lucky enough khổng lồ receive sầu some Gai plants frommymother-in-law"s friends. I was determined khổng lồ make myfirst batch, but it would have sầu lớn waitfor three monthsuntil the first sợi plants are ready for harvesting. The Gai leavesare green but after you ground in a mortar orblkết thúc it, its green colour willturn dark green. Once you steam the cake, the colour will turn blaông xã just lượt thích the color of Banh It La Gai that is shown above from my first batch. The process of making Banh It La Gai may not look appetizing but the finished sản phẩm is quite pleasing to the palate.Pleiku, where I grew up, is very cđại bại to lớn the province of Binc Dinc. In the mornings, many people from Binc Dinhcame toPleiku to lớn conduct their daily business. Accordingkhổng lồ the people of Binh Dinh, the ingredients in Banh It La Gai not only taste good, but are also good for you; they can prsự kiện abdominal pain, keep your stomach warm, & the ash fromgai leavescan be used khổng lồ cure gas pain.
Banh It La Gaialso plays a large role in Vietnamese rituals. This cake is always offered khổng lồ worship ancestors during the New Year festivals . In marriage rituals, a tray of Banh It La Gai is the gift of the bride’s family lớn that of the groom khổng lồ show the skillfulness of the bride who has made it together with the help of other villagers. Any ladies ready khổng lồ tie the knot soon?